Branded wrist watches for men and women available down under

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Branded wrist watches for men and women available down under

Post  fitch65221023 on Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:21 pm

Branded wrist watches for men and women available down under

Like the other fashion watch brand like Michael Kors womens watches, Invicta Watches, …Emporio Armani are very exquisite and top of the line and they generally entail following mentioned models within their ranks;

Emprio Armani men's range model AR 1614 is extremely nice to buy and have. The model entails quality and beautiful round black dial with exquisite white needles and with roman numerals at the tip. The quality scratch resistant glass is very exquisite to use and have and the model is very attractive to wear. The stainless steel strap makes it very convenient. One can buy the watch which is on discount these days. It is priced at $ 329 per piece which is very reasonable.

The classic model AR 0399 is a must have. It entails round white dial which houses quality gold colored needles with special and state of the art chronograph, the designs also entails a leather strap mixed with gold and silver colors and it is very unique and exquisite and it can be worn with complete confidence and pride. The Emporio Armani watches can be worn to parties and they can also be worn to work. This particular model is priced at $ 389 per piece.

AR 1634 model is a classic model and it is very exquisite to buy and have. It entails an oval dial with built in chronograph and the brown colored needles. The quality leather strap makes it top of the line and it is priced at $ 329 per watch.

Michael Kors Watches on sale are very exquisite and useful and they entail various features and characteristics within their ranks, some of the models of the brand are mentioned and elaborated in the following lines to come;

The women's model MK 5650 which is also known as stylish women watch is very unique and exquisite to buy and have. The design is made exclusively for woman and for females for distinct identity. It offers unique taste to the individuals. It entails white round dial with special gold colored needles and quality chronograph. It has a mixed silver and gold colored strap which makes it very exquisite. It is priced at $ 299 per piece.

The MK 5676 range is made with complete craftsmanship. The watch is very beautiful and sexy to wear and use. It comes with round dial and metal strap. It chronograph is also very exquisite and useful. It is priced at $ 289.

MK 8310 men's model is very beautiful to buy and use. Its round strap and metal strap is very exquisite and it comes with quality chronograph. It is priced at $ 259.


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